Thank you for checking out our "Rides" page. We appreciate your interest. For the time being we have discontinued our glider rides due to a high demand on our instructors for flight instruction. Our club is growing and we want to make sure that we give our guests and our club members adequate flight time for a great experience and plenty of opportunities to receive flight instruction from our club instructors.

If you are interested in joining Cypress Soaring and learning to fly sailplanes, we have the perfect way for you to get your first flight lesson. In conjunction with the Soaring Society of America (SSA), we are a provider of the FAST program (Fly A Sailplane Today). The FAST program includes 3 months membership in the Soaring Society of America, a glider flight training manual, a glider pilot logbook, 30 minutes of ground instruction, and 30 minutes of flight instruction. All for only $139.00

For more information, or if you would like to schedule an introductory flight lesson through the FAST program, contact Lea Chicoine at 949-275-4266.





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