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John & Ben Hansen


John & Ben Hansen

Walter Quitt checking in
with Mike Rust & Shelly Hunt


Dan Dickinson
& Larry Tuohino

Don & Jean Berry

Allan Arnold

Chris Slotten


Anne Moore
 & Mary Rust


Ernest Feher
 & Al Leffler


Frank & Geri Donnelly
 & Don Slotten

Don Slotten &
Dick Rasmussen

George &
Cynthia Najarian

Red Davidson,
Swantja Tuohino
& Robin Renek

Mike Polig,
Nancy Evans
& Bob Harris

Walter Quit &
Pat Russette

 Don Slotten

Larry Tuohino,
Bob Gurr &
Peter Foley




Mary Rust &
Tony Terrigno

Bob Wright


Bob Wright

Mary Rust &
Tony Terrigno

Tony Terrigno