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2009-04-15Kevin Wayt
My father, Robert Wayt, was a member of OCSA back in the 60's when I was just a kid. Although my fondest memories were chasing lizards at the glider ports when my father went soaring, I still remember going to the Santa Ana Library for the club meetings...they were so boring and formal to me as a kid! I can't even imagine filling up a city Library with a soaring club meeting now!

I also remember the First Annual OCSA Airshow at Perris back in the 60's. I think Art Schole performed aerobatic routines in glider. My dad had his HBV Diamont on display as well...

Earlier there was a time OCSA had a guest speaker at one of those "boring" meetings at the Library and afterwards my dad invited the speaker to fly his Prue Super Std that he was partners in with Dave McNay. So we went out the next day and it was so funny because this guy wouldn't fly it until my dad flew it, my dad finally "got it" and took it around the patch...then Neil Armstrong (the guest speaker!) got in willingly and enjoyed the flight! We got movies and pictures...but that stuff is buried still from too many moves the last 15 years by my mom and we couldn't find them right now!

I also have a special place in my heart for Don and Louis Slotten! They gave me my first flying job towing and instructing out at Sailplane Enterprises right after I got my CFIG when I was 18 years old! I'll never forget how surprised I was that they paid me after a day of instructing! I was shocked and very excited! I thought people flew gliders for free or something, my dad never got paid when he instructed at the club!

Another memory of Don and Louis was one evening after a long day of giving rides, instructing and towing we always had a BBQ and a bon fire and Don always loved to really get the fire going with lighter fluid! He'd get that fire really jumping which wasn't my point...the point was, since I wasn't old enough to drink...I would take people up in the tow planes and give rides...at night! They would just let me take the tow plane! Remember, flying was just for fun and no one ever had to really pay for anything! Anyway they were all looking up once and saw the nav lights trading places over and over again, his only comment was "that must be Kevin!"

Some of my greatest memories of people in Soaring are from my time with Don and Louis at Hemet. Don helped me grow-up...come to think of it, he should have worked harder at it...I still haven't grown up and I'm 51 now!

Please tell Don and Louis I love them and I wish I could have been there this weekend, but "work" called and I'm out in the Bahamas this week! Yes I'm still getting paid to have fun! I fly a Corporate Falcon 20.

2009-04-14Jon Tenpas
I never was a member, but have, and continue to meet many folks who are. The aviation comunity is a small world. I worked for Don and Lois Slotten from 1968 (the Perris Valley Airport days) until they retired from the business in the early 80's. I'm looking forward to seeing many old friends (people and sailpanes).

2009-04-10Bob Wright
Thanks for the letter regarding the Anniversary. I am planning on attending. Past President (1967). Do you have a list of attendees? Don Slotten was my 9th grade math teacher! Bob Wright

2009-03-23Terry Little
I haven't flown a sailplane in a number of years. I still live in the area in Upland. I look forward to seeing those of you out there that I can still remember. I still remember Pierre Mahu (sp ?) beating all of us every time he flew.

2009-03-21George Najarian
OCSA was a big part of my life in the 80's. I look forward to seeing a lot of the people I flew with, and the students I had the opportunity to torture :)

2009-03-20Guy Veasey
Sad to report that John Gavin and Gene Sullivan are no longer with us.

2009-03-19Robert Jones
What a nice surprise to receive your invitation to the OCSA event on April 18. I will try to make the occasion as I own a second home in San Diego.

Currently I am a member of the Associated Glider Clubs of Southern California (San Diego), Silverado Soaring Club (Williams and Truckee) and Cal Aggie Flyers (Davis) . Fly a DG 505 and a Cessna 172.

Retired four years ago as Vice President of California State University Sacramento. During my OCSA days I was Executive Dean at Cal State Domingues Hills.

Bailed out of my HP-13 at Perris Valley in the late 70s. Ruddervator control failure. Nice landing for me...not a scratch. Sold the wreckage to a guy in Santa Ana who, I think, still has the parts in his garage. Served as VP for OCSA for one year.

Check to see if Pat Healey (a professor, perhaps now retired, at UC Irvine) was at one time a member. Or alternatively just send an invitation to him at the university.

Best Regards,
Robert Jones
Vice President Emeritus
California State University Sacramento

2009-03-16Guy Veasey
I was a member 1970 - 1983 or so. I recognize many of the names in the letter I received from Larry Tuohino today. I think all pilots should have glider training... Look how it helped Sully!

I am still flying my Citabria N5052Y which was a towplane in 1980 at Sailplane Enterprises. I still have the Javelin sailplane in a container at my dirt strip near El Mirage. I hope to have it flying again soon.

I currently am the webmaster of HemetModelMasters.Org and invite you to visit.

Getting older, but still young at heart... Guy

2009-03-14Allan Krosner
Many favorite memories. Like sitting on top of a wave at 17,000 ft over Lake Elsinore on a blistery January 1st and as far as I could see everything was white due to a fresh snow fall.

I am now living in Grass Valley CA. Moved here in 2000. Just as I was in the process of moving, Walt MacFarlane clued me in that Bill Meyer lived in Grass Valley. Bill helped me do the annuals on my T28B and Pitts S1-1. We lost Bill about two years ago. He had gone to the Philippines to do some fabric work on Stearman wings. He was there for a few weeks and than I did not receive any more emails from him. It is thought that he passed away in his sleep. He did have heart problems.

From the address unknown list: Scooter Jessop, Bob Wayt, and Ken Dunlavy are deceased. Rich Garner is living in the Bishop area. Saw him two years ago.

I do not see Mark Urban on the list. He lives in west Garden Grove.

Hi to everyone. I hope I can make it to the reunion.

2009-03-11Frank Renek
Looking forward to seeing everyone at the 50th.

2009-03-05Annie Moore
Ann Emery Nielsen

I started flying with OCSA back in 1962. Operations were still going on at the Lake Bed (Elsinore) and the jump zone was very busy. I did my first solo at El Mirage while the club was operating there for a few weeks in the summer (1968) at age 14. I also served as Secretary once or twice over the years when the meetings were held at the Santa Ana Library. Wow...this takes me back!

Does anybody remember Dave Jessop and the "Two-Tone Blue Job" he use to tow with? He was like a 2nd father to me and I still miss him.

I still fly, have my CFI and Treasurer of the Woman Soaring Pilot's Association. I wish I could attend the 50th Anniversary...perhaps something will happen and I can make it! It is a ways from Texas.

Fly safe! Annie

2009-03-03Bob Franzke
A BIG "HELLO" to all! I will be 'Beermeister" at our 50th OCSA Anniversary. Hope to see you all there.

Best wishes, Bob Franzke

2009-02-19Richard y Natacha Harwick
Hello from Costa Rica

Wishing all the Best and Lots of Lift!!!!

A lot of wonderful people worked very hard to get OCSA to 50 years and I'm sure that they will pass on the joy to see it to 100 years.

Thanks and Good Winds Richard y Natacha Harwick

2009-02-12Meggan Clark Joy
Wow! So many memories, so little time. I was active in the club from 1988 to 1996. I have been thinking about everyone lately and I am glad to hear the club is doing well. Unfortunately, I will not be able to make the celebration as I live in Michigan now. I did come across some pictures and an old video for one of the Family Soaring Contests. I will work on gathering those and some good stories before the 50th anniversary. It would be great for you to post all the pictures and stories you receive on the website for those of us far away to see.

:) Meggan

2009-02-08Anne Wilson Twite
Hi OCSA! Hard to believe how many years since I flew with you guys--but I look forward to seeing you all in April for OCSA's 50th! For those who don't remember me, I was the editor of the Zero Sink for four years--from 1992-1995. Somewhere in there I was also Vice President for a year, President for a couple years, and Treasurer for half a year. I sure hope some of the folks from that era are still around--I've missed a lot of flying and a lot of stories! If anyone's interested, I also have a file box full of OCSA history.

anne :) 575-378-8304

2008-10-17Larry Tuohino
It is amazing the amount of good will that surrounds an organization like OCSA. A non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to family soaring and the training of new glider pilots has lasted FIFTY YEARS! As the current OCSA President I can say today's club is lucky because we stand on the strong backs of 50 years worth of elephants which have moved the club forward. OCSA has been growing of late by focusing on the original goals that brought the founding members together. We 'newbees' appreciate everything that everyone has ever done for OCSA and soaring. The current Board of Directors hopes to shake hands with as many past members as possible at our April 09 Anniversary event. It's going to be great to see everyone again.

2008-10-16Don Slotten
When OCSA was first formed the club, meetings were held in members homes. Wives were invited and they would gather in one room to gossip while the guys (no members of the fair sex back then) would gather in another room - frequently the kitchen- to take care of club business. Afterwards everyone would gather for some conversation and refreshments. This custom of including member's family as an important part of the OCSA 'family' continues yet with the many campouts and events throughout the year. And that is a goods thing.

It is the intention of Lois and I to attend the 50th anniversary event, the good Lord be willing and the creeks don't rise. 50 years, unbelievable!!