Coyote Dry Lake Campout


Soaring Other
  • Your chance to get signed off for auto tow
  • Great to practice off-field landings
  • It's cheap flying. A 1500' tow is around 40-60% cheaper than an aero tow
  • It's a chance to learn something new
  • The night time campfires/BBQ's are the best of any campout we have
  • Really quiet
  • Beautiful sunset's
  • Night time astronomy
  • Near Calico ghost town
  • Skeet shooting?
  • Model aircrafts

About Coyote Dry Lake

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Location & Directions
Updated 4/10/2006

Coyote Dry Lake is located along the way between LA and Las Vegas just past Barstow. The campsite can be tricky to find if you haven't been there before and if you are driving there so please study the detailed directions below.
  1. From Barstow, take I-15 north toward Las Vegas for 5 miles.
Fort Irwin Road
  1. Exit on the Fort Irwin Road and turn left to cross the freeway. There is a big visible sign on the right side of the freeway and you can't really miss this one.
Mother Lode Road Exit
  1. Stay on Fort Irwin Road for 17.5 miles to Motherload Road. Turn right on to Motherload Road.
Mother Lode Road
  1. Once you get on Motherload Road stay on it for 2.5 miles. This is a dirt road and can be quite rough so you might want to slow down depending upon what kind of vehicle you are driving.
First Cross Road
  1. After a little while (1.7 miles along Motherload Road) you will get to the first crossroad. Keep going straight.
Second Cross Road
  1. At 2.0 miles along Motherload Road you will get to a second crossroad. Keep going straight again.
Power Lines
  1. At 2.5 miles along Motherload Road, veer right just before the big power lines. Make sure that the power lines looks like the ones on the picture since you will pass other smaller power lines before you get to this one.
Beverly Lake Nursery
  1. Go 0.2 miles on this road, past the Beverly Lake Nursery (on the left).
Turn Left After Beverly Lake Nursery
  1. Just after you pass the nursery the road will split up in three directions. Turn left here.
Enter Lake Bed
  1. After about 0.1 mile or so you will enter the lake bed.
Left After Entering Lake Bed
  1. Turn slightly left just after entering the lake bed.
Right on Lake Bed
  1. After a short distance you will see some tracks that turns to the right. Follow these tracks/this road.
Lake Bed Road
  1. Keep following the road on the lake bed until you get to our camp, normally along the northeast border of the lake.


            Here's what it looks like if you arrive at night.

Lint's Coyote Dry Lake MapPlease DO NOT take any other roads from Fort Irwin Road to the lake bed.  Motherload Road is maintained better than the others.

Click on the picture in the directions section to see them in higher resolution.


Hotels in BarstowCoyote Dry Lake is out in the middle of nowhere. Be sure to bring everything you need to be comfortable. We usually have about 10-20 people who bring RV's, trailers, tents, or sleep in their trucks on the lake. If you prefer to stay at a hotel the hotels in Barstow are probably your best bet. There are plenty of hotels in Barstow to choose from.


Day Time Activity
Saturday 8 am Assembling of aircraft
10 am Pilots Meeting in Coyote Dry Lake (mandatory)
Sunday 10 am Pilots Meeting in Coyote Dry Lake (mandatory)
3 pm Disassemble or fly aircraft back to Hemet