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California City

California City is one of the best places to attempt wave soaring in Southern California.

Wave clouds Packing up our Grob 103 Preparing the oxygen system in our Grob 103
Wave clouds over the airport indicates that this can be good wave day. A group shot of the Grob 103 packing crew. The oxygen system in our Grob 103 is being prepared and inspected.
Ralph Fuller preparing the glider Dressing  for wave flying SHK 1 push out
Ralph Fuller preparing the glider for flight. Al Cangahuala has prepared for the flight by dressing warmly. Keith Schrader (aka Merlin) pushes his SHK 1 out to the runway.
Richard Harwick and Bill Laningham Next in line Hooking up the towline
Richard Harwick and Bill Laningham waving to the photographer while waiting for their turn in the flight line. Al Cangahuala and Bill Laningham are next in line to be towed up. Hooking up the towline
Rolling At 18.000 feet looking east California City from 18.000 feet
And they are off. At 18,000 feet looking east towards Mojave California City seen from 18.000 feet