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Club Activities
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Soaring every weekend at Hemet

Harry Irvine waiting for a towplane

Lynn Erickson in his 1-36

Kjell Uddeborg in PW-5

Harry Irvine waiting for a tow plane.

Lynn Erickson sits on the tarmac in his Schweizer 1-36.  Lynn restores vintage gliders.

Kjell Uddeborg during takeoff roll in the club PW-5.

John German and Keith Schrader

Richard Harwick and Paul Savaria

Roger Worden in the PW5

Keith Schrader is getting ready to take raffle winner John German up for a ride.

Richard Harwick and Paul Savaria in our Grob 103 waiting for the tow plane.

Roger Worden checked out in the OCSA PW-5.  Way to go!


1200 ft/min


Larry Tuohino completes his 500k Diamond Distance flight

Gotta love it! 1200 ft/min on the average thermaling at 14,000. Turn up the O2!.

In the spring our field turns in to a sea of yellow flowers.

Larry Tuohino wearing his OCSA shirt completes his 500k Diamond Distance flight.

Meetings and Instruction

Club meeting

Club BBQ

Barograph class

Club meeting at our clubhouse.

Club BBQ and soaring contest.

Bill conducts a barograph class.

Air Shows
We exhibit gliders at local air shows to drive interest in soaring.

ocsa_hemet_air_show4.jpg (52703 bytes)

Keith Schrader and a guest

Riverside Air Show

The OCSA booth

Showing one of the guests the inside of the PW-5 cockpit.

Leo Breithaupt, Cristina Cvitanich, and Dick Le Blanc in front of our PW5 that we had brought to our booth.

We help the SSA promote soaring at events such as the Academy of Model Aeronautics national convention
(lots of us fly Radio Control aircraft, too!)

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Img_0135a.jpg (61258 bytes)

Img_0136a.jpg (58691 bytes)

Christmas party
And awards... and paper airplane contest...

2003 Christmas Party

Richard Harwick

2003 Christmas Party

Group shot from the 2003 Christmas party.

Richard Harwick receives an award .

Larry Tuohino receives the "land out" award, again :)


Fun Events
The OCSA Board tried their hand at sailing on the water instead of in the sky.

sail2.jpg (74136 bytes) sail1.jpg (74048 bytes) sail3.jpg (42844 bytes)
Preflight briefing This guy only gets to steer when we're safely tied to the dock! Larry & Eric

sail4.jpg (45740 bytes)

sail5.jpg (80825 bytes)

sail6.jpg (61542 bytes)

Dick & Jerry

Mary takes the helm.

Too much rudder!