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Coyote Dry Lake

Our Spring 2006 trip brought out a dozen pilots, families and friends, four gliders, one paraglider, one R/C helicopter, and a Cessna 192. Clear skies and moderate winds made for good soaring conditions!

blanik 000 w.jpg (53093 bytes) blanik 001 w.jpg (46967 bytes) blanik 002 w.jpg (20367 bytes)
Blanik N510CS takes off... up, up... and away!

blanik 003 w.jpg (36505 bytes) blanik 004 w.jpg (34296 bytes) blanik 005 w.jpg (37525 bytes)
And returns to the lake bed for a nice, long float in ground effect.

Img_6209 w.jpg (23190 bytes) Blanik w.jpg (13084 bytes) ground ops 002 w.jpg (15410 bytes)
Jerry Snedden and fearless passenger. The OCSA Blue Crew Bill Laningham and Jerry planning another takeoff.
Tonywire w.jpg (20165 bytes)
ground ops 004 w.jpg (13521 bytes)
ground ops 003 w.jpg (12111 bytes)
How do you ground launch a glider? With 2500' of steel cable. Sometimes... it's a slow tow back to the base after a cable break. Lynn Ericksen got some nice flights in his 2-33.

lynn 003 w.jpg (9804 bytes) lynn 001 w.jpg (8795 bytes) lynn 002 w.jpg (9319 bytes)
Both Lynn and Harry Irvine flew the orange ship.
PatGearCheck2BOCSA.jpg (19178 bytes) Img_6207 w.jpg (10575 bytes) camp w.jpg (9108 bytes)
Pat Russette and CQ in a nice low pass Tony Davis had fun in his paraglider... ...looking down on the OCSA camp.