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Student Training

Through the help of our club instructors, many students have gone on to solo, get licenses, and even become instructors themselves. It's a tradition to dunk water on new students after their first solo flight.

Solo Watkins 8x6.jpg (45821 bytes) Solo Watkins1 8x6.jpg (53621 bytes) Bucket Watkins 8x6.jpg (68270 bytes)
Steve Watkins ready to take off on his first solo flight. Instructor Bill Laningham congratulates Steve on an excellent solo, on a beautiful Hemet day. Steve did get a little wet afterwards...
Jerry Snedden's  first solo Jerry Snedden's  first solo Dick Le Blanc and Tony Terrigno
Jerry Snedden after his first solo. No first solo is complete without the traditional bucket of water. Here Ralph Fuller and Dick Le Blanc drench Jerry Snedden after his first solo. Dick Le Blanc and flight instructor Tony Terrigno waiting for the tow plane.
New solo student Thomas Wall New solo student Roger Worden Final exam
New solo student Thomas Wall and flight instructor Mary Rust. New solo student Roger Worden after an excellent landing. After the completion of the 6 week ground school class the students are taking the final test.