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A favorite club trip is to Skylark North glider port in Tehachapi.

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Line 'em up! The Grob 103 Mary and Nick in the Grob
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Jerry Snedden in the PW5 Mary and Roger Larry Tuohino in HU
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Lynn Ericksen gets ready to fly his Schweitzer. Nick and Mary ready to go up again... The Grob comes home.
Paul Pencikowski first flight in the PW5 Paul Pencikowski on tow ocsa 095.jpg (628645 bytes)
Paul Pencikowski first flight in the PW5. Paul Pencikowski in perfect tow position. How it looks on tow from above...
Jerry Clark in the PW5 Steve Mawhinney in his ASW Tehachapi from 12000 feet
Jerry Clark in the PW5. Steve Mawhinney in his ASW 24E. Tehachapi from 12000 feet.
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Over the hills The Tehachapi Valley Anybody for ice cream and local berries?