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Tehachapi 2006

Labor Day weekend at Mountain Valley Airport, Tehachapi.

Contributed by Larry Tuohino:

Soaring with Hawk.jpg (62976 bytes) Dave and SAS4.jpg (173215 bytes)
Soaring with a hawk Dave and SAS

Contributed by Dan Rihn:

ClimbingThrough17.7.JPG (25441 bytes) img_0236.jpg (23492 bytes) img_0247.jpg (30202 bytes)
Climbing through 17,700'    
img_0254.jpg (22150 bytes) OlanchaPeak.JPG (29009 bytes) TopofMtWhitney.JPG (36300 bytes)
  Olancha Peak Mt. Whitney
BishopAirport.JPG (26929 bytes) LonePineFlyIn.JPG (19720 bytes) MtValleyAirport.JPG (23531 bytes)
Bishop Airport Let's all land at Lone Pine and call it a "fly-in" Mountain Valley Airport

Contributed by Roger Worden:

p9020020.jpg (582329 bytes) p9030025.jpg (708146 bytes) p9030028.jpg (687961 bytes)
CU marks the spot Eric & Jeff plotting Mary Rust with students
p9030024.jpg (649875 bytes) p9030026.jpg (684951 bytes) p9030027.jpg (694426 bytes)
OCSA's Blanik ready for takeoff Movin' on up With three towplanes, this line went pretty quick!
p9030029.jpg (693372 bytes) p9030030.jpg (610203 bytes) p9030033.jpg (674212 bytes)
Harry Irvine... ...getting ready to... ...take off!
p9030034.jpg (668816 bytes) p9030032.jpg (689997 bytes) p9030031.jpg (578384 bytes)
Bye, Harry! Some lenticular (wave) clouds formed briefly Sunday afternoon More often there were nice cumulus!