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Twentynine Palms

One of our annual events (typically over Memorial Day Weekend) - many club members have had their first cross country flights here (fulfilling Silver Distance) as well as longer flights.

Tail assembly 29 Palms airport Lined up for takeoff
Assembling the Blanik.. Our Blanik with the 29 Palms airport in the background. Al's LS3 and the OCSA PW5 lined up for takeoff.
Al Cangahuala right next to his LS3 John Downing with the PW5 Galen Fisher in towplane
Al Cangahuala and his LS3. John Downing ready to take the PW5 up for a spin. Galen Fisher helped us out with the towing for the weekend.
Pat Russette on the line with his Libelle AP in flight The 29 Palms airport
Pat Russette on the line with his Libelle. AP in flight. The 29 Palms airport.
Mountains around the 29 Palms airport Jon and Clare Jon Wells in his Grob 102
A view of the mountains around the 29 Palms airport.
(Photo by Larry Tuohino)
Jon Wells and Clarence Juhl thermaling in the area.
(Photo by Larry Tuohino)
Jon Wells in his Grob 102.
(Photo by Larry Tuohino)