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David Kasprzyk Achieves Private Pilot Certificate

David joined the club about 4 months ago. He worked very hard at studying, flying and working with instructor Mary Rust. David is an engineer at Boeing and works in the robotics department. He has also recently achieved his license in scuba diving. He loves both of his hobbies, flying and scuba diving, and now wants to go to the next level in both.

David's father, Stan Kasprzyk, also works for Boeing and is a CFIG in the Seattle Soaring Club.  Some of you might remember meeting him when he came down for a visit last March and flew in the Grob 103.

10/25/06 - First trial of OCSA's winch

The Ocotillo Winch weekend definitely moved OCSA forward in developing its winch program and was a lot of fun.  Attending were Lynn Ericksen, Larry and Swantje Tuohino, Harry Irvine, Pete Foley, Tony and Billy Davis, and Nick Ounanian. High rates of climb were seen on every flight.  Hats off to Lynn Ericksen in going solo on on a winch tow for the first time, and for being the first OCSA member to be slung aloft by our new winch.  Longest duration was 44 minutes by Harry in the Ericksen 2-22 known as Buttercup.  Hats off to Larry Touhino as our first OCSA winch driver.  


OCSA Family Soaring Contest

Results from the Fall contest day are posted here.
Results from the Spring contest days need to be added in to show the final results for the Spot Landing, Timed Flight, and Altitude Gain contests.

The Lone Eagle and Dual Eagle contests won't be final until December 1. Results so far are posted here too. 


OCSA Aeronauts Taste Adventure at
Dust Devil Dash
Middle of Nowhere.jpg (24254 bytes)

The results of the 2006 Dust Devil Dash are in and the club had two members participate.  In his first DDD appearance, Jerry Snedden warmed up this year to 10th place, landing the PW-5 near a tree "marking the middle of nowhere".  At the OCSA club meeting, reflecting on his first attempt to cross the Kelso Valley Jerry stated, "I learned a lot". 
Larry Tuohino and his Pik20D also participated and ended up in 4th place after missing a thermal north of Little Lake and losing an hour digging themselves out. He and HoUdini ended up in Bishop. His flight is on the OLC 9/9/06 scoreboard. 
Harry Irvine and Swantje Tuohino crewed for the OCSA pilots.  Congrats to all! 


OCSA Family Soaring Contest
Après Soaring Pool Party

Sept 16, 2006

Contest starts at 9am at Hemet-Ryan

Pool Party Begins at 4pm at Tony and Billy Davis’ home. Directions are on the Member Page.

Bring the family, bring the friends, contest scoring is increased by 5% if a non-pilot passenger is on board. 

Bring refreshments, something to grill and a side dish to the Pool party.


Tehachapi Campout a Huge Success
2006 pw5.jpg (582329 bytes)

The club trip to Mountain Valley Airport over the Labor Day weekend saw tremendous soaring conditions, great fun, learning opportunities, and some awesome flights. All three days had excellent lift with wonderful clouds to mark the way to the Sierra Nevada mountains. 

Some members got "signed off" for their first solo flights away from home turf... 
Some made their first cross-country journeys...
Some earned parts of their Silver badges... 
Some headed north and landed out! 

All in all, a terrific trip!


Jerry Snedden flew a flight which should earn him his Silver and Gold distances, his 5 hour flight, his Gold Altitude, and his Diamond O&R!
Launching from Bishop (4,200msl) on a semi-blue day, Jerry worked for over an hour to get up onto the White Mt ridge, one time sinking to a low of 2189 agl before finally recovering and getting underway.  Turning the PW-5 north he flew 40 miles to his start point passing White Mt at 16,940 before reaching his start gate at Boundary Peak 10 mins later (at 17,700 ft!), then pinched his way south to Cerro Gordo crossing the Westgard Pass twice, and finally barreling back again to Boundary. Landing after flying 6 hrs 15 min, much of the time at over 14,000 ft, his feet were numb but his feeling of accomplishment was high.


OCSA's Family Soaring Contest was a big hit though the weather was cold. Check out the whole story.


Bucket Watkins 8x6.jpg (45821 bytes)

Steve Watkins is the latest OCSA member to solo in the Blanik. He had a nice long solo flight... and eventually had to come down to face the bucket!

Solo Watkins 8x6.jpg (68270 bytes)


XC class 1.jpg (55647 bytes) OCSA, other local clubs, and Sailplane Enterprises joined forces to conduct a Cross-Country Bronze Badge Ground School for 25 local pilots. XC class 2.jpg (57312 bytes)