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Congratulations to Jeff Donoho on earning his Private Pilot Certificate today! After completing his final checkride with Larry Howell, Jeff was duly doused. Click on the pics for the full-size view of the soaking.

Tony Davis and Sam Brown both earned their Private Pilot ratings in the last week!


That big smile belongs to Irv Powalka who got checked out in the PW5. Way to go!


Larry Torres joined OCSA after achieving his PPG from Sailplane Enterprises. Now he's working on getting checked out in the Blanik L13.


Congratulations to Ray Forsyth who soloed in the Blanik L13 today!


Congratulations to Sam Brown who soloed in the Blanik L13 today!


Tony Davis soloed in the PW-5. Click on the pic for the full-size picture.


Marc Forsyth soloed in the PW-5.  Click on the pics for the full-size pictures.


Wild West Winchfest - Part 1

OCSA, AGCSC, and 29 Palms Soaring conducted joint winch operations. Read the early reports and see pictures from the first weekend here. Watch the video.


Mary Rust Honored by SSA

Congratuations! Mary Rust, OCSA's Chief Flight Instructor, has been awarded the Soaring Society of America's Region 12 award for "Most Active Instructor" for giving out the most ABC badges during 2007. This is quite an achievement as the award counts both commercial and club instructors. Mary has always been "tops" with OCSA, it's now great to see her efforts recognized by the SSA, our national organization.


Rob Morgan Joins OCSA Instructors

Rob Morgan came to OCSA just a few months ago, and now he's joined our team of instructors. He has lots of experience instructing in Blanik L-13's and Grob 103's, so he'll be on board right away. Rob will help out with the other instructors on Saturdays for a while, and then will work into the instruction rotation.

Rob is the proud owner of a motorglider, too!


Zero Sink U.S. Mail opt-out

To get you your quarterly Zero Sink newsletter faster, and to save printing and postage costs, we're going on-line. We already publish ZS on the Publications web page in .PDF format the day it's mailed. We will send a notice to the 'all' email list when ZS is posted.

If you no longer wish to receive Zero Sink in the U.S. Mail, please send an email saying so to Roger Worden at web_master@ocsoaring.org. If you do not "opt out" we will continue to mail you a copy.

The on-line PDF version omits the two pages containing the Membership Roster, since it's in the "public" area and we want to avoid making members'  personal information available on the Web. The Roster pages will now be posted at the same time as a separate PDF on the Roster page which is password-protected. Members who know the password can download and print the complete roster.


Board Meeting minutes

OCSA Board Meeting minutes are now posted on the private Members page.