News 2008


OCSA Awards

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Lifetime Membership
Harry Irvine
for years of maintenance work

President's Award
Mary Rust
for instruction program upgrade


Lone Eagle
Jerry Snedden

Dual Eagle
Chris Mannion and
Larry Tuohino


Family Soaring Contest
Timed Flight
Roger and Nicole Worden

FSC Multiplace Task
Chris Mannion and Ricky Culp


FSC Spot Landing
Steve Willems

FSC Altitude
Dan Rihn


Off-landing and
FSC Speed Triangle
No award


Tony Terrigno received the FAA's Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award. This honor is awarded to pilots who have achieved 50 years of safe flying. In Tony's case, its been 60 years! Congratulations, Tony!

Three OCSA members competed in the Dust Devil Dash:
Place Pilot Crew Landing Distance
6th (of 22) Jerry Snedden Jeff Donoho Tiger, NV 315 nm
8th Larry Tuohino Swantje Tuohino Minden, NV 277 nm
20th Roger Worden Irv Powalka Olancha, CA 83 nm

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From Jerry

From Roger
Place Name Sailplane type Landing place Raw dist H'cap
1 Sean Franke Duo Discus Alturas 455.1 406.86
2 Marty Eiler ASW-27 Alturas 455.1 400.49
3 Garry Dickson 1-26A Luning, NV 236.5 390.23
4 Doug Levy 1-26A Bridgeport 223.3 368.45
5 Pete Kovari DG-300 Reno / Stead 324.9 311.90
6 Jerry Snedden ASW-20 Tiger NV 314.7 284.17
7 Tom Riley Spirit Carson City NV 292.0 275.06
8 Larry Tuohino PIK-20D-78 Minden 277.3 270.92
9 Mike Wills 1-26B Bishop 156.7 258.56
10 Cindy Brickner ASW-27 Carson City NV 291.3 256.34
11 Joedy Gregory 1-26B 3 mi South of Bishop 154.0 254.10
12 Bob Maronde ASW-27 Minden 277.3 244.02
13 Jeff Byard Genesis 2 Bridgeport 222.5 211.15
14 Paul Robinson 304CZ Tonopah NV 216.9 206.06
15 Greg Cole Sparrowhawk Bishop CA 156.7 183.34
16 Jim Dingess ASH-26E E of Tonopah NV 216.9 182.85
17 Doug Fronius LK-10A Lone Pine CA 105.0 173.25
18 Ian Cant Russia AC-4B Independence CA 119.0 141.97
19 Ron Hodge 1-26D Coso Junction 70.4 112.64
20 Roger Worden PW-5 Olancha CA 83.4 100.08
21 Cam Martin LP-49 California City CA 23.3 27.49
22 Philippe Athuil ASH-25M 25.6 Crystal    




Chris Mannion took his first flight in the PW5

Tim Guckes soloed in the Blanik L13.


Steve Willems soloed in the Blanik L13.


OCSA installs a PC in the clubhouse at Hemet-Ryan to enable students to practice soaring with the Condor soaring simulator.



Greg Van Grunsven soloed in the Blanik L13.


Here's a video of the recent trip to Coyote Dry Lake.



Hemet-Ryan is host to a new crop of flowers and a new crop of student pilots. Lots was accomplished by the Private Pilots at the Work Day, and the students got a lesson in crosswind takeoffs. Click the pics for a full-size view.

There will be a memorial service for Joe Stasnek at one of the Hemet-Ryan gliderport hangars on April 5 at 5:00 p.m. Among other remembrances, the video "An Evening with Joe" will be shown.

In January, OCSA again participated in the SSA Region 12's booth at the Academy of Model Aeronautics convention.

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Welcome Dave Raspet to the ranks of the OCSA instructors! Dave recently acquired his CFI-G rating and will be working with OCSA pilots and students soon. Congratulations!