News 2009

OCSA has begun flying at Skylark Airport at Lake Elsinore, CA, thanks to the Lake Elsinore Soaring Club.


OCSA has ceased operations at Hemet-Ryan Airport due to actions and decisions by airport management. Club aircraft are currently available at Tehachapi, and others will be available at Lake Elsinore and Warner Springs in the near future.


Congratulations to Tim Guckes for adding a Private Glider rating to his Commercial ASL Rating!


Congratulations to Steve Willems on achieving his Private Pilot-Glider rating!


We now have a Videos page! If you have OCSA-related videos posted on YouTube, get in touch with the webmaster and I'll post them here.


See pictures from the OCSA 50th Anniversary Celebration.


See Dave Raspet's report on the 2009 California City Wave Camp.

Jerry Snedden Achieves his Third Diamond

Today March 21, 2009, OCSA member Jerry Snedden achieved his third diamond flying his ASW-20 from the Region 12 wave camp in California City into wave. Check out his video on YouTube at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qRmwM86_MDg

Initially launching into what appeared to be good thermal conditions at approximately 1pm, Jerry released at 1500 agl and worked several lines of clouds attempting to gain altitude but each time he worked west he hit severe sink.  Finally gaining enough altitude in what he later determined to be secondary wave he was able to penetrate through light rotor sink and connect with the primary wave just east of Barren Ridge.  Connecting first in smooth air to 1-2 knots, soon the ships variometer pegged 10 knots and thrust skyward he was Diamond bound. 

Passing thru 14k msl he felt his toes go numb and to stay warm he began to "run in place" while seated. Joshua Approach Air Traffic Control (ATC) was very helpful and provided a clearance within the designated Cal City wave window thru Class A to FL270. His legs encased in long johns remained warm, but now he wished he had put on the Ugg boots he left on the warm deck. When 4 1/2 hours later he was back on the ground, his toes quickly came back to life when his trace showed he had topped out at over 23,000 ft with a total altitude gain of 18,992 ft.  Plenty of cushion for Diamond altitude!!!!

It's time for OCSA to congratulate Jerry on his achievement and hope the circulation in his toes soon returns to normal. 

Three Diamond cheers (and some electric socks) for Jerry!


OCSA's winch has now become operational at the Hemet-Ryan gliderport.  Sunday mornings, usually our quietest time, has seen a burst of activity as we winch from 7am to 11am.   If you have not flown a winch before, it is quite an experience. The rapid 45 degree climbout to 1500 ft in 30 seconds takes several launches to get used to...it puts an adrenaline experience in front of our zen sport. After the winch is put away, we head over to the Bambi's Airport Cafe for a late breakfast and then return for an afternoon of aerotowing.

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